Upcycled Denim Collection

Upcycled Denim Collection

About “The Upcycled Denim collection”

The fabric of the bags is upcycled denim from THE NEW DENIM PROJECT by Iris Textiles. Iris Textiles is a family owned business that is committed to innovation and to promoting conscious consumption. When confronted with the possibility to produce “upcycled” denim, Iris Textiles took a step forward toward environmental consciousness and THE NEW DENIM PROJECT was born. Eco textiles are a much needed resource for designers looking for environmental responsible alternatives in the supply chain when sourcing for materials for their productions and need to insist in more efficient and less harmful ways to produce.

THE NEW DENIM PROJECT by Iris Textiles – based in Guatemala

Arianne Engelberg – Creative Director


About The New Denim Project

We have challenged ourselves to question our textile culture.

At Iris Textiles we aim to shift to new aesthetics providing an innovative, convenient and eco-friendly option to reduce environmental degradation. By applying environmentally conscious practices, such as “upcycling”, we will free ourselves from the global chain of toxic pollution and waste of our natural resources.

  • 500 million yards of denim fabric are wasted in factories yearly worldwide
  • 8,500 liters of water are used for each pair of jeans and 2,600 liters for each t-shirt produced

This is why we have chosen to emphasize our cotton recycling practices. We are very proud to introduce our newest project – THE NEW DENIM PROJECT – which consists exclusively of “upcycled” denim fabrics. By producing these fabrics, we manage to save raw materials, stop a vast amount of textile leftovers from going to waste, and drastically decrease the use of resources including water, land and chemicals.


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