Concalma/ Conprisa

Concalma/ Conprisa

The meaning of our name Concalma is “at ease”. The meaning of Conprisa is “in a hurry”. After witnessing the power of nature through Hurricane Maria, Concalma reacted promptly: Conprisa.

We want you, our fans and friends, to know that now more than ever your support is key in propelling the Concalma brand forward in this precarious times.


Our brick and mortar store in Old San Juan is closed due to lack of energy. Although we don’t own a power generator, our online store, serves as a powerful sales generator to us. With that being said, we would like everyone to know we are open for business!

We want everyone around the world who knows and respects the brand to help spread the word about Concalma.



Become an advocate of our brand! Wear your Concalma bags and other designer goods you have acquired at Concalma through the years and let people know they can help by shopping local brands at

When you buy at you support the local Puerto Rican economy by:

  • Supporting Concalma: A small business in Puerto Rico established in 2006 and their team of 7 employees (sales reps, photographers and graphic designers) to maintain the operation running.
  • The local apparel industry that manufactures the Concalma handbag line: The Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña; a woman owned factory in Utuado, P.R.
  • Local independent designers. So that they can continue producing their goods and developing their brands
  • Local suppliers of materials used for Concalma handbags
  • The whole supply chain that makes it possible

You can also help by joining the Concalma affiliate program:

Just by wearing your Concalma bag you might be able to earn a discount on your next purchase.



If / When someone asks about your Concalma handbag, talk to them about Concalma and our online store and both of you could earn a special discount. Become an advocate of fair trade, quality and local design. By helping Concalma, you are helping Puerto Rico.

If you want to be part of the affiliate program write to us at
Cooperativa Industrial Creación  de la Montaña

Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña

Women owned, established in 2002.


The Cooperativa industrial Creación de la Montaña in Utuado, PR, is the factory were Concalma handbag line is manufactured since 2006. For the past 11 years I have gone to the factory weekly to check on the production, but this week the trip was different. We had just been hit very hard by hurricane María and did not know what had happened to the factory. Luckily the factory building was not damage at all by the hurricane and the power is back so we would be up and running with our production Monday.

 We are also working towards bringing other private labels to manufacture at the coop.


coop in Utuado


Cooperativa Industrial Creación De La Montaña was created in 2002. It was formed after the factory workers of two manufacturing facilities Pempco and Ranger closed. The displaced employees got together, and founded Cooperativa Industrial Creación De La Montaña to save their jobs and create others.

They are 10 cooperative women partners and the coop was started with local capital. The factory is in its 15th year of operations and has served as an employment hub for the municipality of Utuado and other municipalities near by.


The Cooperativa Industrial de la Montaña has proven a resilient business model in the past 10 years even in the face of a crumbling economy. The factory is an apparel manufacturer of mostly uniforms for public workers like Ama (PR public transportation) , Police of PR and Electric Authority amongst others, Concalma is a private label client.

 The Concalma handbag line has been manufactured here since 2006. When I approached the women’s coop I was looking to raise awareness of fair trade, local design, local production and to assure cultural diversity plus to promote the local economy by creating jobs. Ever since, we at Concalma have enjoyed and embraced the big challenges of moving forward with the production line of the handbags.



To the day before the passing of hurricane Maria, we had worked together non stop for 11 years...


Article: Matilsha Marxuach | Photos: Payola Isabel

Welcome the new members of our team :)

Welcome the new members of our team :)

We are starting 2017 with new members of our team at Concalma!  Jorge Lopez Chocarro & Dani Lloveras Marxuach, the designers and developers of, will be taking on the direction of the online store.

Dani Lloveras is a visual artists from San Juan, Puerto Rico based in Barcelona and previously in NYC. She did her B.F.A in Fine Arts at Parsons The New School for Design, and her B.A. in Psychology at Eugene Lang The New School University in NYC. With drawing as the starting point, she combines visual mediums and theories of cognitive science to create spaces for cultural production, critical thinking, and collaboration. She co-founded AMO Studios in NYC — a project to reclaim space for artists, by experimenting with curatorial approaches and the notion of a multi-purpose space—  and then moved to Barcelona to further pursue her interest in Psychology. While in Barcelona she completed her Master’s degree in Cognitive Science and Languages at the University of Barcelona but became increasingly interested in graphic design and publication as a different medium to continue executing her ideas. This led to many collaboration with Jorge Lopez Chocarro.

Jorge Lopez Chocarro is a graphic designer from Zaragoza, Spain. He studied Graphic Design at ESDA University in Zaragoza, and continued his studies in Barcelona doing a Masters in Web design & Development at Elisava University.  His interest are focused on user interface design as a way of integrating our physical and technological world, typography, and illustration. With over eight years of experience he has worked both as a freelancer and in various companies in the web & graphic design industry of Barcelona. He is one of the co-founder of 72 studio, a graphic design studio based in Barcelona that took on many interactive design and media projects. After that, he began to work for Friend2friend, a platform for brands & agencies promotion, and then with Visual-Engin, a software and app development company, as a web & app designer. He has also taught some courses of web design and development in Barcelona as part of a social program for the unemployed. 

We are very excited to start working together & collaborate on future projects :)