Concalma/ Conprisa

Concalma/ Conprisa

The meaning of our name Concalma is “at ease”. The meaning of Conprisa is “in a hurry”. After witnessing the power of nature through Hurricane Maria, Concalma reacted promptly: Conprisa.

We want you, our fans and friends, to know that now more than ever your support is key in propelling the Concalma brand forward in this precarious times.


Our brick and mortar store in Old San Juan is closed due to lack of energy. Although we don’t own a power generator, our online store, serves as a powerful sales generator to us. With that being said, we would like everyone to know we are open for business!

We want everyone around the world who knows and respects the brand to help spread the word about Concalma.



Become an advocate of our brand! Wear your Concalma bags and other designer goods you have acquired at Concalma through the years and let people know they can help by shopping local brands at

When you buy at you support the local Puerto Rican economy by:

  • Supporting Concalma: A small business in Puerto Rico established in 2006 and their team of 7 employees (sales reps, photographers and graphic designers) to maintain the operation running.
  • The local apparel industry that manufactures the Concalma handbag line: The Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña; a woman owned factory in Utuado, P.R.
  • Local independent designers. So that they can continue producing their goods and developing their brands
  • Local suppliers of materials used for Concalma handbags
  • The whole supply chain that makes it possible

You can also help by joining the Concalma affiliate program:

Just by wearing your Concalma bag you might be able to earn a discount on your next purchase.



If / When someone asks about your Concalma handbag, talk to them about Concalma and our online store and both of you could earn a special discount. Become an advocate of fair trade, quality and local design. By helping Concalma, you are helping Puerto Rico.

If you want to be part of the affiliate program write to us at
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