Our Principles

“We are a part of worldwide communities working to provide customers with quality products of local design and manufacturing within the fashion industry, while providing fair value to the support chain that makes everything possible.” (Matilsha Marxuach)


The Concalma bag line is manufactured at the Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña in Utuado, Puerto Rico since 2006. Cooperativa Industrial Creación de la Montaña was founded in 2002 with local capital. It is a non profit organization that was created to safeguard some of the jobs that were lost in the closing of two big apparel manufacturing factories in the municipality of Utuado, in rural Puerto Rico. 


Fair Trade

 Some of their fair trade principles are assuring:

  1. Fair wages
  2.  Healthy working conditions
  3. No child labor 

Local Design

Assuring cultural diversity : At Concalma the store we sell products from Puerto Rican designers and artists we believe in. Creating is a way to assure cultural diversity and we are happy to serve as a market for local designers, local products and artist proposals.



We are especially enamored with creating structures with the quality of resiliency and the ability to adapt and endure.